Sara Kova - Founder


I am Sara Kova the founder of Tantra Tees. I am a survivor of multiple rape, sexual harassment, physical, and emotional abuse. I personally know how weak and powerless a woman can feel. Having my child gave me the responsibility to provide for our welfare. I know I stayed in an emotionally abusive marriage longer than I should have due to the fear that I would not be able to meet the needs of my child with a comparable lifestyle all by myself. I literally ran away fleeing the state I called home, more than once to get away from abusive men.

I know how hard it is to start over especially when you feel so broken. This is the experience I live with every day. My heart and soul cry out with compassion for the neglected survivors of domestic violence. Since my teenage years I have been in disbelief why no one has picked up the cause with conviction and commitment. I do so now.