Tantra Tees

Tantra Tees is about empowering women to take back their strength, to say “Enough is ENOUGH, this IS abuse, I CAN have a better life!”  Many victims of domestic violence are shattered. You can see it in their bodies, in their stature and mannerisms, in how they approach life and deal with men, and in how they relate to their own body’s sexuality and presence.  The Tantra Tee tee-shirt line is meant to inspire, to raise hope, and to call to action. I am bearing my body and soul saying yes I have been beaten, abused, and raped . . . but  I am strong, I am beautiful, and help is out there. YOU make the choice VICTIM or VICTORIOUS. I am Sara Kova founder of Tantra Tees and Kova Foundation; I am NOT a Victim, I AM VICTORIOUS!!

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